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What is it?

Crowd-Ria is a prospective and strategic surveillance tool (mostly technological and commercial) whereby companies can register and share relevant information about ICT topic areas.

Based on innovative concepts such as “Crowd Sourcing” and “Gamification”, Crowd-Ria takes advantage of knowledge and information sources from the crowd, and in return rewards the interaction between companies, promoting an engagement and dynamic interaction among its users.

How does it work?

Crowd-Ria works as a “game” in which companies (crowd) have a set number of points that can be used and received according to certain actions taken on the platform (e.g. publish article, subscribe tag, among other).

Why use Crowd-Ria?

- Follow-up technological trends and global priorities of the ICT sector;
- Identify technological and commercial opportunities for ICT companies, at a national and international level;
- Attain competitive advantage through possible collaborations towards the development of unique products/services.

Latest Crowd-Ria Public
Almoço com os Associados da Inova-Ria - 30 Janeiro, Aveiro
Para promover novos momentos de interação entre as empresas associadas, a Inova-Ria continuará, em 2020, a desenvolver os “Almoços com Associados”, nos quais contamos com a presença de todos!

O próximo almoço vai realizar-se no dia 30 de janeiro, pelas 13horas, no Restaurante Toca do Bacalhau, sito na Rua Conselheiro Luís Magalhães Nº 46 A, 3800-137 Aveiro.

Este mês, o tema do almoço será “Desafios da Transformação Digital e Parcerias na Rede de Inovação”, promovido pelo associado Edicópia.

O almoço terá um custo de 16€ por pessoa, sendo que a Inova-Ria oferece o almoço aos associados que convidarem novas empresas, fazendo-se estas igualmente associadas da Inova-Ria. 

Os pratos disponíveis são:

- sugestão do chefe: Chora de Bacalhau

Prato Principal:
- Bacalhau à Lagareiro (no carvão)
- Bacalhau à Brás 
- Bacalhau com Natas
- Polvo à Lagareiro
- Bochechas de porco preto c/purê e legumes salteados 

O pagamento deverá ser feito diretamente no restaurante no próprio dia do almoço.

Os interessados deverão inscrever-se para o e-mail: carisa@inova-ria.pt, indicando também as suas opções de prato principal até dia 28 janeiro. 
HOZEN Academy - Workshop "Perdas e Eficiência Operacional na Indústria" - 31 Janeiro, Ílhavo
O mercado atual pauta-se pela elevada competitividade e por um clima económico desfavorável ao investimento. Neste contexto, é crucial para as empresas procurarem outros caminhos que lhes permitam melhorar a sua produtividade e reduzir os seus custos. Esta procura incessante pela melhoria deve-se sustentar na sua principal “arma”, isto é, nos seus recursos internos e na potencialização dos mesmos, tendo sempre em consideração a satisfação dos seus clientes.

O Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) define-se como uma métrica industrial que revela o grau de eficiência de determinado processo produtivo assumindo-se como crucial para o controlo da produção e para o alinhamento da estratégia empresarial, em conjunto com outros indicadores económicos e financeiros. O aumento do indicador de OEE permitirá diminuir os custos de produção através da otimização do processo produtivo e, desta forma, gerar uma vantagem competitiva para a empresa.

Ao longo deste workshop será feita a apresentação dos dados deste indicador e, através da aplicação de metodologias Lean e com o recurso a ferramentas de apoio operacional, estes serão analisados e sugeridas ações de melhoria a implementar que permitam o incremento do OEE e intrinsecamente da produtividade da empresa.


Preparar os participantes para conduzirem a implementação de metodologias de identificação e combate às Grandes Perdas na Indústria com o objectivo de transformar em ganhos reais as perdas existentes no ativo industrial.
Transmitir, através de exercícios práticos, uma visão realista das oportunidades que poderá oferecer uma boa gestão das Perdas.

Diretores, Gestores industriais, Gestores de produção, Supervisores, Engenheiros, Líderes de equipas de produção, manutenção e qualidade

7 horas, a decorrer das 9h30 às 17h30

Local de realização

PCI - Parque Ciência e Inovação - Ílhavo
At Present Technologies, we’re always looking for the best solutions for our clients. In recent years, we’ve been asked for mobile solutions that could be developed once for both iOS and Android and at the same time could have the same quality of native apps. This would reduce the cost significantly, and turn viable some projects of our clients.

With that in mind, we began researching and experimenting with several multi-platform frameworks. In the end, Flutter was the clear winner.

Flutter is a free and open-source framework for building native-looking apps on iOS and Android from the same code base.

It was created by Google and has the full weight of the company betting on its success, but the framework has also been getting a huge amount of traction from the community since launch.

For example, it has recently reached 86k stars on GitHub, where it already surpassed one of its main competitors, React Native, and additionally, it has had hundreds of events and gatherings of enthusiasts around the world, showing a strong support of the developer community as well. This also shows that the framework can healthily live without Google.

As to the main advantages we found of using Flutter to build mobile multi-platform apps, they can be summed up by the following:

Flutter overcomes the traditional Limitations of cross-platform approaches: Creating a truly cross-platform approach has long been the bane of tech consultants tired of having to make multiple versions of identical product. However, in reality, the user experience typically lags behind that of native applications, because you often end up building the UI experience in JavaScript that has to be Just In Time compiled.
Developers increase productivity ten-fold:This increase in productivity comes from Flutter’s “hot reload” (A.K.A “Stateful Hot Reload” and “Hot Restart”. Together, these allow developers to see changes they make to the state of an app in less than one second; and changes to the app structure in less than ten.
Frontend & Backend with a single code: Unlike in Android coding, where there are separate files for frontend (Views) which are referenced by backend (Java), flutter uses a single language (Dart) which does both the job and uses a reactive framework.
UI Compliance – everything is a widget: Everything is a widget on flutter. Be it ‘texts’, ‘buttons’ or even ‘screen layouts’, it is all in the form of pixel-perfect widgets on Flutter. These widgets arrange themselves in a hierarchical order on a Flutter app. Sometimes, these widgets hold inside them other widgets as well. These widgets make the UIKit of Flutter a uniform experience for users of all sorts of platforms. An architecture characterized primarily by widgets makes it clear where certain attributes and behaviour applied to a portion of an app are coming from. This is a prime reason why Android and iOS app developers must consider Flutter.
Performance: Flutter uses easy to learn, powerful and rich Dart language to code its apps, while rendering it on its own engine layer, by drawing everything you see on the screen using OpenGL, just like a video game does, making it possible to easily expect native performances at 60 fps or even 120 fps for those devices that are capable of it.
Platform aware: Some of Flutter widgets are already out-of-the-box aware of which platform they’re running on and adapt without any developer intervention. This means that you can expect, for example, an App Bar to match iOS and Android guidelines seamlessly. However, if you want to customize yourself, it’s just as simple as using an if-else statement.
Time to market: This is the time to start increasing your app’s productivity by joining in the world of Flutter made apps, along with huge organizations that already jumped in, such as Alibaba, eBay, BMW, to name just a few.
Small learning curve: from experience in our company, we’ve seen that mobile developers and JavaScript/TypeScript developers alike can easily jump into Flutter and the learning curve is very small.
At Present Technologies, we already released several apps to the market using Flutter, and are currently working on several others. The results for us and clients have been outstanding so far.

Flutter is here to stay!

If you want to know more about it or are interested in saving time and money building a multi-platform mobile app, get in touch!


Due to its novelty factor, at this initial stage the Crowd-Ria Platform is limited to Inova-Ria associates. In case you are interested in joining, please send an email to inova-ria@inova-ria.pt. We will notify you as soon as the platform opens to a wider ICT community.

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